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My approach is to create a ceremonial environment where we can explore tea, our senses, and ourselves to the fullest.

Eric Ashish

Hi there, I'm Eric 'Ashish'. I run a software company called MemberMouse, enjoy composing music, drinking gong fu tea, and meditation.


Gong Fu Tea Course

If this free course, you’ll get everything you need to start brewing gong fu tea with confidence.

You’ll learn about specific teas and brewing methods that will help you enter deep states of peace, connection, and tranquility.

You will also receive technical guidance on tea and teaware, how to brew and serve, and how to cultivate a deeper sensitivity to the energetic aspects of tea.


Tea Reviews

Join me and my friend Soham as we sip on some really good tea.


Chinese Tea for Gong Fu Service

We seek to source good tea. There’s a quality in tea that we look for which is that of nourishment. We want to be satisfied with the tea we drink. Part of that includes the quality of the tea and the environment of its origin.

The only tea that we share with others is the tea that we drink ourselves. We uphold that which is life-affirming, so the teas we drink are from places where the tea and the people involved are able to thrive.


Gong Fu Starter Kit

Finding the right tools to get started with tea can be a little bit overwhelming which is why I’ve put together this nifty starter kit. I am of course biased, but these are the exact same things that I started with when I first got into gong fu tea. For at least a year I simply used a glass teapot, some cups, and whatever tea I bought from my teacher.

Authentic Audience Podcast: Finding Your Medicine

Krista chats with Eric Turnnessen, tea aficionado, composer, and CEO of MemberMouse, a multi-million dollar software company. They talk about burnout; how to recognize it, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it from happening.

October 16, 2020

Invest in You Podcast Interview

In today's podcast Fredrick, Ivan and Charlie are joined by the founder of MemberMouse and owner of LearnGongFuTea.com, Eric Turnnessen. Together, they discuss why it is important for people to have a personal practice which enables them to learn about themselves, the law of attraction as well as discussing how the things you invest your time in, is what will become of you.

August 02, 2020

Suffer Less from Stress and Burnout with Josh Cary

Learn to suffer less from stress and burnout, while finding inner stillness. Can the answer be found in tea? Let's find out in this interview with Josh Cary.

July 23, 2020

Interview with Dani of Instituto Chá Brazil

I speak about Gong Fu tea to a group of students attending a Tea Sommelier course.

May 02, 2020

Tea for Inner Peace

I gave this talk on tea and inner peace for a virtual tea festival that happened recently.

April 11, 2020

Introduction to Gong Fu Tea

The basics of Gong Fu is about steeping a tea multiple times. What I've come to think of it as is you're having a conversation. You’re getting to know the tea through this period of time where you're pouring water on it, letting it sit, and then drinking it. As opposed to, if you just steep it for five minutes in hot water. The conversation happens, but it happens without knowledge because everything is mixed together all at once.

February 29, 2020

Conversation with Astrologer Adam Sommer about Tea

Adam Sommer and I have a fun conversation about tea and life.

June 30, 2019

Handmade Mahogany Tea Table by Drift Woodwork

My friend Trent Rhoads of Drift Woodwork, Santa Fe just made me this amazing tea table using traditional Japanese joinery (i.e. no screws or fasteners). Hand-planed of beautiful mahogany wood. Lots of love and attention to detail included. I’m grateful to have this addition to my tea setup and look forward to serving many people in partnership with it.

March 25, 2019

Outdoor Tea Journey Preview

This past Winter I had the pleasure of hosting over 50 wonderful groups of people for gong fu tea at my home in the mountains outside Santa Fe. As Spring approaches I’ve started to plan and prepare for hosting gong fu tea outside. These shots show the spot where I plan to do them. Believe it or not, this spot is only a 5-minute walk from my house! If you’re going to be in Santa Fe, I hope you can join me! 🙏🏼🍵

March 22, 2019

Teahouse Visit: Tea Sutra in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I was recently in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the northern part of the UK. I'm so glad that I found Tea Sutra. It was a lovely spot with good food, good tea, and great chai! I wish I had found this place earlier on my trip but grateful that I found it at all. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

March 16, 2019

Drinking Tea with Travis: 20 Year Old Liu Bao & 2017 Red Tea

Travis is also a dear tea-friend of mine. We were in tea school together with Po when I lived in Portland. We got together one day to drink and 20-year-old Liu Bao and a 2017 Red Tea. Travis is very knowledgeable about Chinese medicine so he shares his unique perspective on the teas and we just have a good time.

December 19, 2018

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