Walking on the Earth

April 12, 2020

It's interesting to reflect on the simplicity of walking on the Earth with bare feet. The inherent danger with this is that you may step on something that's uncomfortable, so if you're afraid of stepping on something that's uncomfortable, that will move you to protect your feet, to build a mechanism of the shoe, which of course solves the problem, but, it separates you from being in contact with the Earth.

We've been so disconnected from [the Earth] for so long that we don't necessarily put a priority on it or place a value on it. There's a subtle voice that goes beyond understanding in terms of what the value is. So if we seek with the mind to find that value, we won't. Of course, there is science today that will assist in that, biorhythms, Schumann frequency, and all this stuff, but those are just props to bring the mind along. If you want to completely bypass the mind altogether, just do it, and experience it first-hand.

The power of walking on the Earth is such a primal remembrance. Even as you're watching this I'm sure that you can feel, looking at my feet as if they're your feet, and you can feel what it feels like because we all have such a deep memory of it. It's not going to go away with a few hundred years of conditioning. No intention needs to be set. No cognitive understanding needs to happen. Just giving nature it's opportunity to be natural. And your shoes will be waiting for you wherever you leave them.

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