The Magic of Valorio: A Visit with Taiji Teacher Jeff English

March 04, 2020

I had a fun time visiting my friend Jeff English at his home in Santa Fe. In this video, he shares with me what Yi is and its importance in taiji. He says, "Yi gives you the ability and the power to be able to be in chaos with an open heart."

Jeff leads private and group classes and a really unique class in the Santa Fe plaza while embodying the character of Valorio, a nature spirit. The costume he wears was created by a local artist, Stryder, from found twigs and other plant material. See more videos of Jeff as Valorio on his YouTube page. To learn more about Jeff's classes in Santa Fe, email him at

Music Composed for the Video

We spent some time conversing in an earthen hut that he built in his backyard. The energy in there is calm and peaceful.

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